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A Total Personal Tranformation System

~ Feeling Great About Life, Your Relationships, and Yourself ~

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The Regal Path of Self-Discovery & Inner Transformation


Life can be challenging, dotted with episodes of self-doubt, worrisome uncertainties, feeling not good enough… not up to the task, sometimes unworthy, not belonging.

Have you ever imagined what it might be like waking up some morning feeling totally at peace, bursting with confidence, deeply in love with who you are, and excited for the new day?

With commitment and determination on your part and following the stepwise process of the Regal Path™ of Self-Discovery and Inner Transformation, you can begin to make this your reality within months, even right from the very first session of the program.

This transformative journey uses methods of deep mind, brain, and structured daydreaming to accelerate you shattering self-doubt, neutralizing negative beliefs, peeling off layers of baggage and trauma, and begin easily stepping confidently into your true self—the self underneath the baggage.


More than a short-term course, the Regal Path™ is an ongoing journey that guides you in becoming your own best and biggest supporter and companion.


You're no longer getting by—you're enjoying each moment of your life, embracing your personal successes, satisfaction, and fulfillment. You are even able to eliminate physical pain.


As you progress toward the completion of this mentorship, you'll not only be experiencing a deep inner peace and exhilarating freedom but also see positive events manifesting at your decision, in your favor, every single day of your life—for yourself and for anyone you care about and interact with in any way!


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Welcome to a life where you are your own best friend.

A new dimension of life awaits—a life of confidence, peace, and freedom!


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Dee Litz
Transformed Body Workshops

What has come to pass, in the short months since our first meeting can only truly be described as a personal miracle. Michael's mentoring has facilitated a new awakening in me... my first true experience of an Inner Peace, that I have only ever dreamt of. 

Terry Ritter
Ritter Talent Agency

I eliminated a 30-year issue around driving more than 5 minutes away from my home. Even thinking about it was so intense I decided long ago to never tackle it. Working with Mike one month, I actually got in the car, drove 2 ½ hours away from home, very calm, sure I could do it without panic or anxiety. Truly a HUGE life changing benefit!

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.
Best Selling Author

Michael Blackstone is the world's leading expert on the dynamics of internal conflict within the mind, in my opinion. He teaches people how to transform inner conflict by taking charge of the inner activity within the brain that causes it.

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Brenda Scarborough,
Transformational Guidance for Extraordinary Individuals

Michael is hands down the most experienced, prolific, hard working, relentlessly enthusiastic executive coach going. His dedication to continual learning and mastering his art and craft is second to none. He has a huge heart, loves to help people, and he makes a difference. 

Michele Rosenthal,
Trauma Recovery Specialist

We all need people with creative, inspiring and action-oriented strategies for helping us become better at being the people we want to be—Michael is one of those thinkers whose ideas help us push the envelope and create the person we wish to become.

Marlene Clark,
Co-founder at Momentum Consulting, Inc.

Michael is a highly effective, insightful executive coach and a master in the area of behavioral science and human effectiveness. I have learned a great deal from working with Michael. I am a better consultant because of it.

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