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First degree LinkedIn connection
 I was fortunate enough to connect with Michael Blackstone on Linked In back in February 2015. I was deeply touched by the work he was doing with his clients. Upon discovering he was a Phoenix local, I scheduled my package of sessions with him and eagerly anticipated working with him. 
Thank you for everything Mike, D
First degree LinkedIn connection
Michael has set the gold standard in our profession for integrity, service to others, and the ability to lead a company to a level of success that could not be possible without his vision and abilities. Michael's passion for our industry translates into potential success for those executives and managers who care about service to the client. I'm glad to call Michael a friend and fellow profesional in our industry.
First degree LinkedIn connection
August 28, 2013, Deanna was Michael’s client
I first heard of Michael some 10 or 11 years ago through my husband who attended one of Michael’s courses in London on “accelerated influence.” It was based on NLP. At that time, Michael also arranged a one-on-one therapy session to work on my husband’s intrapersonal conflict.
My husband would not normally ever tell me about any of the courses he attended, but this one was special and particularly enriching and transforming. It was transforming for my husband who was able to cure his internal conflict, and he still remembers that time with particular emotion. It was transforming for me, too. I became a master practitioner in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and have a practice in Geneva (Switzerland). 
Michael Blackstone effectively coaches clients to create peace in what for many is our most difficult relationship: the one with ourselves. Michael has developed tools and practices that facilitate intra-personal integration and also increase personal capacity for peace in relationships with others, one's work and the world. 
I recently contacted Michael (Mike) Blackstone to explore possibilities for leadership breakthrough workshops for teams and executive coaching for my organization. My outreach to Mike was the result of LinkedIn research, and I was simply struck by the reference comments on his profile. The endorsments for Mike resonated with me and I trusted gut and called him, sensing that he could effectively equip my executives to lead a transformation of our organization's culture. My instincts were absolutely dead-on! 
I have worked with Mike as a professional coach and as a facilitator in a leadership development program with my staff. Mike is professional, knowledgeable and extremely committed to bringing tangible business results. What I appreciate most about Mike is his keen awareness and use of all surrounding events when solving problems. This skill produces quicker results by allowing him to identify and cut to the real issues that may be restraining your productivity. 
First degree LinkedIn connection
First degree LinkedIn connection

We all need people with creative, inspiring and action-oriented strategies for helping us become better at being the people we want to be -- Michael is one of those thinkers whose ideas help us push the envelope and create the person we wish to become.